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Women In Music:
Compositions For Intermediate Level

This bibliography of intermediate level music for different instruments by women composers is a valuable resource for music teachers and students. It does not claim to be all-inclusive and continuing contributions are gladly accepted as additions to this guide.

For organ compositions by women composers, CLICK HERE.

Compiled by
Dr. Lora Deahl, Dr. Kay Etheridge,
Beverly McGahey, and Lea Schmidt-Rogers.

Two Pianos and 4-Hands | Violin | Cello | Ensemble


  • Anderson, Beth. Belgian Tango, Network. Available from the Composer at 26 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10003-8607. The Belgian Tango is a romantic sounding, charming piece for an advanced intermediate student. Network, revised in 1984, is an appealing work from the standpoint of intricacy and harmony.
  • Archer, Violet. An extensive number of works for children and young musicians.
  • Bacewicz, Grazyna. Suite enfantine. Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyne, distributed by Hal Leonard.
  • Bastien, Jane. Arr. of Japanese Folk Tunes for Fun. Kjos Music. Late Beginner.
  • Beach, Amy Cheney (Mrs. H.H.A.) Dreaming. Op. 15, No. 3, included in American Women Composers: Piano Music from 1865-1915 (see: Glickman, Sylvia).
  • Beach, Amy Cheney. Scottish Legend, op. 54, no. 1, Waltz, op. 36, no.3.
  • Beach, Amy Cheney. Young People's Album, op. 36. Columbine. Secrets. Edited by Maurice Hinson, Alfred Publications.
  • Beach, Amy Cheney.Children's Album #1, Op. 36, 1-5; Children's Carnival, Op. 25, 1-6. Hildegard Publishing Co.
  • Becker, Barbara. A Child's World, Bks. 1 & 2. Kjos Music, WP380, Wp 377, Elementary and Early Intermediate.
  • Becker, Barbara. Scenes from the City. Kjos Music, WP 366. Intermediate.
  • Bond, Victoria. Sandburg Suite. Leonarda Productions, Inc., P.O. Box 1736, New York, NY 10025-1559. Theme and 5 variations, 4 minutes in length. The mix of country ballad, blues, and ragtime styles will appeal to many students.
  • Bonds, Margaret. Troubled Water. Sam Fox Publishing Company, Inc. 170 NE 33rd St., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33334. Based on the spiritual, Wade in the Water. An attractive romantic transcription of a traditional gospel melody. Florid pianism. Also reprinted in Helen Walder-Hill anthology of music by black women composers.
  • Briscoe, James, ed. Historical Anthology of Music by Women. Bloomington and Indianapolis: Indian University Press, 1987. High-school level pieces include: A Hermit Thrush at Morn by Amy Beach, the first movement of a Sonata in A Major by Marianne von Martinez, the Variations, op. 20 by Clara Schumann, and the Nocturne in Bb Major by Maria Szymanowska.
  • Boulanger, Lili. Trois morceaux pour piano. G. Schirmer, 1979. Three movements, including D'un vieux jardin, D'un jardin clair, and Cortege. The first two are particularly lovely tone poems.
  • Chaminade, Cecile. Cecile Chaminade Selected Pieces, Vol. II. Edited by William Scharfenberg, Well-Tempered Press.
  • Colley, Betty. Reflections at the Piano. Takin' It Easy. Kjos Music WP 91, 142. Early Intermediate.
  • Coulthard, Jean.
  • Diemer, Emma Lou. Space Suite: Twelve Short Pieces for Solo Piano (Using Idioms and Techniques of the 20th Century-1989). Sisra Publications, 1719 Bay Street, Southeast, Washington, D.C. 10003.
  • Deussen, Nancy Bloomer. Piano Prelude. Accessibility Music Publishing Contact info:
    If ordering any other music directly from the composer, please fax (650- 858-2072), phone (650-858-0361) or email for prices.
  • Barbara Harbach, editor. Eighteenth Century Women Composers for the Harpsichord or Piano Vol. I. Vivace Press.
  • Elliott, Dorothy. Eraser Piano Tees. 1-minute work for prepared piano recommended for beginning students by Richard Bunger, author of the classic text, The Well Prepared Piano, 2nd ed. (San Pedro, CA: Litoral Arts Press, 1981), p. 55.
  • Faber, Nancy. Shimmering Waterfalls. FJH Music Co. Inc. Intermediate.
  • Glickman, Sylvia, editor. American Women Composers: Piano Music from 1865-1915. Hildegard Publishing Company, Box 332, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 19010.
    Examples of music from the first generation of American women composers, including salon showpieces, larger scaled works, and popular rags. The collection is mainly of historical interest; many works are dated and of uneven quality. However, it is the only published source of Amy Beach's Dreaming.
  • Glickman, Sylvia, editor. Amy Beach: Collection of Piano Music. Hildegard Publishing Company, Box 332, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010.
  • Glickman, Sylvia and Martha Furman, Eds. Women Composers, Music Through the Ages, Vol. 6 (composers Born 1800-1899, Keyboard Music). New York G.K. Hall & Co., 1995.
  • Hensel, Fanny Mendelssohn. Ausgewaehlte Klavierwerke, Munich. G. Henle Verlag, 1986. Wonderful collection assembled by Fanny's great-granddaughter.
  • Hinson, Maurice, editor. At the Piano with Robert and Clara Schumann. Alfred Publishing Co., 1988. Includes shorter pieces by Clara Wieck Schumann as well as the Variations, op. 20.
  • Hinson, Maurice, editor. At the Piano with Women Composers. Alfred Publishing Co., 1990. Easier works by Marianna von Auenbrugger, Agathe Backer-Grondahl, Amy Beach, Teresa Carreo , Cecile Chaminade, Louise Farrenc, Elisabetta de Gambarini, Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel, Wanda Landowska, Marianne Martinez, Clara Schumann, Adaline Shepherd, and Maria Szymanowska (Nocturne in Bb Major). Historical data included.
  • Hoover, Katherine. Pieces for Piano. Papagena Press, Box 20484 Park West Finance Station, NY, NY 10025-1514. Seven movements, entitled Three Plus Three, Forest Bird, Dream, Chase, Lament, Allegro molto, and Poem.
  • Jaëll, Marie. French Character Pieces, Valses a quatre mains ed. by Lea Schmidt-Rogers, Hildegard Publishing Co.
  • Joy, Grace. Capriccio. Kjos WP1089. Etude III, WP1090. Intermediate. Winner of national Conference on Piano Pedagogy Composition Contest.
  • Linn, Jennifer. Yellowstone Suite; Don't Bug Me; Collections; Tumbleweed Boogie Solo; Boston Music Company. Rhapsody; Hal Leonard Student Piano Library, Lesson Book 4. Dreamcatcher; Snowcrystals; Hal Leonard Student Piano Library, Solo Books 4 and 5.
  • Martin, Jean. Enchanted Forest, Holiday Dreams, New York City Scenes, Postcards From Abroad, Parisian Images. Kjos Music.
  • Martinez, Marianne. (1744-1812) Sonata No. 3 in A Major. Eighteenth Century Women Composers for the Harpsichord or Piano, Vol. II. Edited by Barbara Harbach. Vivace Press.
  • Martinez, Marianne. (1744-1812) Sonata in E Major. At the Piano with Women Composers. Ed. By Maurice Hinson, Alfred Publishing Co.
  • Matz, Carol. Scenes from Around the World. FJH Music Co. Early Intermediate.
  • Mier, Martha. Keyboard Kaleidoscope; Celebrate America, Alfred Publishing Co.
  • Miller, Carolyn. Just Play It! With Attitude. Willis Music Co.
  • Mishell, Kathryn. The Adventures of Julian. Kjos Music. Early Intermediate. A musical storybook about an Old English Sheepdog, with descriptive pieces at the early intermediate level. At recitals, the entire book can be performed as the story is narrated.
    Piano Solos for More Than Ten Fingers: Intermediate Balloon Ballade Left-hand melodies accompanied by lovely black-key glissandos, played by the student equipped with a balloon.
    I Want to Quit Piano But My Folks Won't Let Me, Bks 1-3. Elementary, Early,Intermediate.
    - Book 1: Practicing With a Cat on the Piano.
    - Book 2: I Played It Perfectly At Home.
    - Book 3: Fantasy.
  • O'Hearn, Arletta. Three Piano Preludes.
    In a Jazz Grove. Love Jazz. Swing Street, Jazz Introspectives. Kjos.
  • Packhaeuser, Ursula. Ursula Packhaeuser: Journeys of Dreams. Tezak Musikverlag (distributed by Warner Bros.)
  • Park, Maria Hester. Sonata in C Major, op. VII. Eighteenth Century Women Composers for the Harpsichord or Piano, Vol. II. Edited by Barbara Harbach. Vivace Press.
  • Pierce, Alexandra. Spectres. 8 minute work for prepared piano recommended for students by Richard Bunger (see entry under Elliott, Dorothy).
  • Prostakoff, Joseph, editor. New Music for the Piano. New York: Lawson-Gould Music Publishers, Inc., 1963. Distributed by Alfred Publishing Co. Contains Sinfonia and Fugato by Peggy Glanville-Hicks.
  • Ran, Shulamit. Short Piano Pieces. Israel Music Institute Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in Music.
  • Raum, Elizabeth. River Rhapsodie. Canadian Music Centre, 200-2021 West 4th Ave., Vancouver, B.C.
  • Reid, Sally. From Whence Butterflies?: A Romance for Piano and Tape. Available from the composer at Abilene Christian University, ACU Box 8274, Abilene, TX 79699-8274.
  • Rickard, Sylvia. Music of Our Time. A Student's Guide to Musical Form. Waterloo Music, Waterloo, Ontario.
  • Rocherolle, Eugenie R. Souvenirs du Chateau. Kjos Music. Intermediate. Symmetry, character, elegant melodic lines and lush harmonic excursions await you on a tour of this lovely medieval family castle. Rocherolle captures the old and the new in a French blend of musical tapestry.
    - Bayou Reflections (intermediate).
    - Sonata No. 2 (late intermediate).
    - Just for Friends (late intermediate).
  • Rollin, Catherine. The Best of Catherine Rollin. Alfred Publishing Co.
  • Rubin, Anna. Haunted House.This piece is a wonderful introduction to non-traditional notation, for beginners or intermediate students.
    Office: Bibbins 213
    Address: 77 W. College St., Oberlin, OH 44074.
    Office Phone: 440/775-6155
  • Schonthal, Ruth. Fiestas y Danzas. Leonarda Productions, Inc., P.O. Box 1736, New York, NY 10025-1559.
  • Schonthal, Ruth. Sonata breve. Oxford University Press.
  • Schumann, Clara Wieck. Ausgewaehlte Klavierwerke. Munich: G. Henle Verlag, 1986. Wonderful collection.
  • Schumann, Clara Wieck. Sonata in G Minor. Wiesbaden and Leipzig: Breitkopf & Haertel. A beautiful 4-movement work. Scherzo was published separately.
    Movements one and three were written in a week as a present for her husband in December 1841. Represents her first attempt at writing in sonata form. She never performed the work publicly; the world premiere took place in August 1989.
  • Schumann, Clara and Robert. At the Piano with Robert and Clara Schumann. Edited by Maurice Hinson. Alfred Publications.
  • Seeger, Ruth Crawford. Study in Mixed Accents and Four Preludes.
  • Southam, Ann. Four Bagatelles. Berandol Music Ltd.
  • Tailleferre, Germaine. Fleurs de France. Editions Henry Lemoine. Eight delightful pieces characterizing flowers of different regions in France.
  • Tailleferre, Germaine. 3 Sonatines. Editions Henry Lemoine.
  • Talma, Louise. Alleluia in Form of Toccata. Boston: Carl Fischer, 1947. Difficult but rewarding. Based on the rhythm of the word, "Alleluia."
  • Talma, Louise. Pastorale Prelude. Boston: Carl Fischer, 1952.
  • Tower, Joan. Circles and Fantasia. Early works available in composer's facsimile from the American Composers Alliance, 170 W. 74th St., NY, NY 10023.
  • Tower, Joan. Red Garnet Waltz. Printed in Waltzes by 25 Contemporary Composers. C.F. Peters Corporation, 1978, New York, London, Frankfurt
  • Tower, Joan. Or like engine. Milwaukee: Associated Music Publisher, 1995. More difficult toccata for piano. Available in the collection entitled American Contemporary Classics published by AMP/Schirmer and distributed by Hal Leonard. An earlier version is printed in November/December 1994 issue of Piano and Keyboard.
  • Van Appledorn, Mary Jeanne. A Liszt Fantasie. Available from Arsis Press/Sisra Publications, 1719 Bay St., S.E., Washington, D.C. 20003. Most difficult of van Appledorn's solo piano works. Quotes from numerous works by Liszt are ingeniously woven into a modernistic musical fabric.
  • Van Appledorn, Mary Jeanne. Set of Five. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1978. Movements include Ostinato, Blues, Improvisation, Elegy, and Toccata. Extremely effective set.
  • Walker-Hill, Helen, editor. Black Women Composers: A Century of Piano Music (1893-1990). Hildegard Publishing Company. Historical survey of music by black women composers. Contains Margaret Bonds' Troubled Water. Valerie Capers' jazz pieces are intermediate gems. She is a real jazz pianist-composer.
  • Weir, Judith. The Art of Touching the Keyboard. London: Novello, 1987. Title refers to Francois Couperin's L'art de toucher le clavecin.
  • Yeager, Jeanine. Watercolor Impressions. Kjos Music (intermediate).
    - Baroque Encores (late intermediate). - Solitudes (early intermediate). - Deja Vu (intermediate).
  • Yeager, Jeanine. Two Contrasts. Kjos Music. Prelude from this collection is a sensitive, warm, yet not too technically demanding piece, filled with rubato sections.
  • Chen Yi. Two Piano Solo Pieces For Children: 1. Small Beijing Gong (1993) 2. Yu Diao (Chinese Tune) (1984) These pieces resonate with Asian students. They are contemporary sounding. Intermediate to Upper Intermediate
    Fax 716-435-0657
  • Zaimont, Judith Lang. Suite Impressions. Folk Song from this collection is sweet, melodic. In Pop Style is a great piece, but more difficult. Vivace Press.
  • Zwilich, Ellen Taafe. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in music.

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Music for Two Pianos and 4-Hands

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  • Coulthard, Jean and Jean Ethridge. Encore Series, Frederick Harris Publishers, Mississage, Ontario

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  • Rickard, Sylvia. May be obtained from the composer.

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  • Deussen, Nancy Bloomer. San Andreas Suite, (flute, violin, viola and cello; has also been performed as a string quartet.) Accessibility Music Publishing Contact info: or (650)858-0361
  • Deussen, Nancy Bloomer. Trio for Violin, Clarinet and Piano, Accessibility Music Publishing Contact info: or (650)858-0361
  • Deussen, Nancy Bloomer. One of Nature's Majesties, (Bb Clarinet, Bassoon and Piano,) Accessibility Music Publishing Contact info: or (650)858-0361
  • Deussen, Nancy Bloomer. Woodwind Quintet # 2, Accessibility Music Publishing Contact info: or (650)858-0361
  • Deussen, Nancy Bloomer. Reflections Around G, (for recorder quartet--SATB,) Accessibility Music Publishing Contact info: or (650)858-0361
  • Deussen, Nancy Bloomer. Two Pieces for Violin and Piano, Accessibility Music Publishing Contact info: or (650)858-0361
  • Rocherolle, Eugenie R. A Tableau of Piano Trios, (piano, violin, cello,) Kjos GP374

Simon, Lucy. The Secret Garden. ABCDE Publishing Ltd. And Calougie Music. Piano-Vocal Score. A great musical.